Strauss: the foretelling (sort of)

I wrote this in the January 2012 issue of The Cricketer as part of a review/preview package about England’s year:

England’s year ahead: what does it hold?

It will be fascinating to see how Andrew Strauss assimilates back into the Test side in January, having been absent for effectively four months. He looked weary before The Oval Test against India in August. As he walked – no, trudged – off the field after practice two days before the Test, a spectator (Monty Desai, the coach of Rajasthan Royals, as it happens) said to him: “Hard work isn’t it?” Strauss replied with a wry smile: “It never ends.” Does he still have the appetite? To maintain, or improve, his own form as much as anything else. The other question is whether Graeme Swann has jumped the shark. Will there be lasting damage from his disparaging comments in his book about Kevin Pietersen’s captaincy? Is there any sense of Swann fatigue?


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